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Today, when many people profess to be “experts” in pellets and sell products of dubious quality on the market, we are particularly pleased that our company does not need any recommendations. The industry knows and recognizes us as a reliable and trustworthy partner, who from the beginning up until today has identified its name with exemplary service, consistency, professionalism and top quality. The fact that we work exclusively with the largest European companies ensures that the products we channel to the Greek market are safe, tested and of unquestionable quality. At the same time, thanks to our well-organized and efficient distribution network, we are able to directly deliver large quantities of goods all over Greece, ensuring that our customers get the best possible quality-price ratio in all cases.

Different kind of pellets- oak, pine,sunflower, in male and child hand
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To maintain our partnerships and the level of satisfaction of our partners at the high levels that have defined us from the beginning. At the same time, we look forward to the challenges of the future and are constantly setting new goals. One of these goals is to increase our strategic partnerships with pellet production companies that meet all quality and safety standards, in order to remain competitive and pioneering in the domestic market.


To continue to serve with passion and consistency in our field, contributing in our own way to environmental protection, sustainability and viability. We consider green growth a one-way street in achieving a better tomorrow and believe that pellets, in their purest and highest quality version, can be an excellent energy alternative.


To continue to provide our customers with high quality products with undiminished zeal and success. At a time when conditions, as well as needs, are constantly changing, we wish to remain a constant value, meeting every demand with efficiency and consistency.



Accredited quality is always at the heart of our operation. At the moment, we are the only company that has the two leading certifications, EN plus and FSC. The former is for pellet certification, both at production and trading level, ensuring the quality of every product we trade, while the latter is for sound and sustainable forest protection, demonstrating in practice our awareness of ecological issues and practical support for the protection of the planet.



We were one of the first companies in the industry to have identified the need for storage facilities in order to normalize the pellet distribution process.

Today, we are proud to have our own warehouses in Bulgaria, as well as advanced machinery for loading and unloading, and a fleet for the delivery of goods. In this way, we remain competitive, on standby, and are able to meet the needs of our customers even at times of increased demand. At the core of every action we take is our determination to always provide the best possible service to the professionals who put their trust in us.